Note from Tony :

Can someone understand the gibberish when the doctor is talking?

  • Fire
  • Children screaming
  • Misty, Fay and Michael come in

Misty : We shouldn't be here, it's not safe!

Michael : You guys go on ahead, I got this.

  • Children Screaming
  • Tree falls over

Fay and Misty : Michael!

Misty : I can't believe we let this happen to him...

  • Fay stays silent

Misty : Fay... this wasn't your fault.

  • Fay Remains Silent
  • Doctor opens door and comes in

Doctor : Ok.... so his wounds aren't deadly.

Misty and Fay Sigh in Relief

Doctor: Ahh yes... he broke a few bones around his chest area (gibberish)

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