Character pages should start with this template called "Header" for easy access to many different pages and so on and so forth.

This is a guide explaining the format of how character pages should be. The bold words represent how each section should look like.

For these first few sentences before the first heading you would put,

X Character is a {Fill in role in the series} in the series {Series Name}.

The template you should currently use for infoboxes is "InfoboxCharacter"

Biography Edit

In this section you would type in the name of the episode of the debut of this character, what they were seen doing and history prior to their respective series. If their history before is not possible just put their debut episode and their role in that episode then skip on to appearance.

Appearance Edit

What the character looks like, explain their alternate outfits as well as their main outfit.

Relationships Edit


Personality Edit

How the character acts overall.

Trivia Edit

  • Most likely you would put their name meaning and any other secrets or changes within the series about them.
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