The Following is guide for a layout to use when making/editing new episode pages. The bold text gives a description of what goes in each section.

Episode pages should always have infoboxes, there will be different infoboxes for each series. "MCR EpisodeBox" is the current infobox you should use for Minecraft Royalty Episodes. In the "MCR EpisodeBox" infobox you would have to fill in everything if possible. The premiere date, the name, the duration and so on and so forth. For the picture you would post the thumbnail of the episode. Also for the paragraphs besides the infobox should be like,

"(Episode Name) is the (number) episode of (Series Name). It premiered on (Date it premiered). This episode's duration is X (Time Unit) and X (Time Unit).

Summary Edit

This should be a very brief description of the major events in each episode. It should be at least 5-10 sentences long.

Major Events Edit

This section should be telling the major events of the episode like a debut or cameo of a character, or conflict arising. For example,

  • X Character (Debut)
  • X Character (Died)

Trivia Edit

  • Most likely you would point out the main focus of the thumbnail and the meaning of it or any other secret hidden "easter eggs"

Video Edit

Place a video of the actual episode here.

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