Minechest Unboxing

"Mine Chest Unboxing" is a new series that Misty is doing on her channel. The first video was uploaded on 


The logo of Mine Chest.

January 10, 2017. Indeed, it is confirmed that Lootbox has sponsored Misty.

About Mine ChestEdit

Mine Chest is a monthly subscription box which is a partner crate to Loot Crate, that is filled with Minecraft goods such as mugs or little figures. Once you figure out a plan on the website, the box will be sent to you through good time. The box mainly looks like a regular minecraft chest hence the name "Mine Chest". The price for one chest is currently $39.99 plus tax.


Note : These are codes provided by Misty herself.

January CodesEdit

10 % Off : Mistylyne10


Note : The themes listed here will only be for the boxes Misty has unboxed

January : Jungle


January ItemsEdit

  • Postcard
  • Creeper Pin
  • Stickers
  • Creeper Head Stamp and Ink Pad
  • Creeper Face Shirt
  • Creeper BackPack 
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